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"Let Us Always Defend the Faith and Liberty of the Gods"





Senior Paterfamilias Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus.  Senator of Nova Roma, Former Censor; Senior Consul the year of the Consulship of Decius Iunius Palladius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the first full calendar year of the existence of our new Roman state of Nova Roma, 2752 A.U.C. (1999 C.E.)

Salve and welcome to Gens Iunia!

The gens Iunia (pronounced Yoo-ne-ah) is one of the oldest families in Nova Roma. A patrician clan, it was the third of the ancient gentes, or clan, to be reactivated. I say reactivated because the ancient gentes have long been extinct. We are honoring those ancient Romans by taking their ancient names for use within our society and rebuilding their culture in as many ways as is practical. All of us in Western Civilization are the spiritual descendants of the Romans and owe them an immense debt culturally though few of us, even the Italians, can claim to be descended from them biologically.


In the Roman Republic, the gens Iunia was a powerful and respected family. Both of its most famous members had the cognomen Brutus thus indicating their membership in among the Brutii, the most famous ancient branch of the clan. Seen in the picture to the left, Lucius Iunius Brutus (died, 509 B.C.E.) a patrician (though there is not universal agreement on this point by scholars), was responsible for the end of the monarchy and the formation of the republic. He led a revolt against Tarquinius Superbus, last king of Rome. Lucius Iunius Brutus served as one of the first two consuls of Rome until his death in battle against the Tarquins in 509 B.C.E.


Marcus Iunius Brutus, (85 B.C. ca. - 42 B.C.E.) a bust of whom is seen to the right, is the most famous member of the gens. He is best known as being the primary assassin of his friend, the dictator, genius and tyrant, Gaius Iulius Caesar. With this act Brutus tried to save the freedom and integrity of the Republic from the rule of one man, something which he was ultimately unable to do. He committed suicide after his defeat at the battle of Philippi by the forces of Octavian and Mark Antony. Throughout history he has been vilified as a traitor by the advocates of monarchies and tyrannical government, or revered as a man of honor and duty by those who cherish freedom and a republican form of government. The name of Brutus was constantly used in colonial America by pamphleteers who wished to show their opposition to the king just by their nom de plume. When Brutus wrote, people knew he was no friend of the king.


The modern gens Iunia was founded in the very first days of Nova Roma by Decius Iunius Palladius, not long before the official launch of our new Roman Republic. We are a patrician gens, dedicated to our motto to always be faithful to the Gods and to defend, in the same spirit as did the ancient Iunians, liberty, especially the liberty of the Religio Romana and our fledgling Roman state to exist as one. Our ancient Roman spiritual ancestors believed that one could not exist without the other and as it turned out, Rome did not last long once that tie was broken between the Gods and Their state. This modern Roman state will not long exist without that tie being maintained. To join the gens Iunia will be to protect both institutions; not militarily as of old but with watchfulness politically and culturally and with a sense of duty to Nova Roma, the Gods and to you gentiles, the fellow members of your gens.

THE GENS IUNIA AND THE RELIGIO ROMANAPatron Deities of the gens Iunia ~Gods of the Gens Iunia

The gens Iunia, as you might have gathered, takes a reverent attitude to the Religio Romana. As such we require a high degree of respect for the state religion. Our gentiles (clansmen) take an oath similar to that of the magistrates of Nova Roma. To read the Nova Roma oath of the magistrates, click here. To join the gens Iunia, or if you have questions or comments, email the Senior Paterfamilias.

Decius Iunius Palladius


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